12 Soldering Tool And Accessories That Will Make Soldering A Lot Easier

Whether it is for making jewelries or repairing a circuit board, soldering can be made a lot easier and faster if done with the right tools and equipment.

There are many soldering tools and accessories that you can use to make your work or project an important interesting one. Notwithstanding, using a few of them would require a degree of professionalism and expertise.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert at soldering, a high quality and effective soldering tools and accessories is a necessity for a good soldering experience.

In the article, you will discover 12 soldering tools and accessories that will make soldering a lot easier.

1. Digital soldering and rework station

This is a soldering tool that helps you repair circuit board  by joining broken wires, resistor and transistor. It has a few important features like two LED digital display, a smart cooling system and a  soldering handle.

It has a compact design that saves space. It is light and doesn’t consume much energy.

2. Temperature control soldering iron

Its 70 or 80 watt power makes them effective for both regular and lead free soldering. Because their temperature can be easily regulated, they are used in many types of soldering.

3. Soldering station

Compared to a soldering iron, this equipment gives you a more flexible and accurate control over the soldering tip. It also has a thermal stimulation system.

soldering tools and accessories

4. Soldering tips

These are accessories for  most soldering iron. They found at the tip of most soldering iron. They are removable and can be bought separately.  

There are many types and sizes of soldering tips available. You will need to choose the best type and size based on the type of soldering iron you have.

5. Soldering iron tip cleaners

These are used for clean soldering iron tips. They are usually made of cellulose sponge-like material or a brass wool cleaner.

6. Soldering tweezers

They are tools that help you solder tiny parts that require dexterity to solder. You can use them to solder or desolder mounted printed circuit board easily and quickly.

7. Soldering stand

A simple soldering stand holds the base of your soldering tip so that it stays suspended in the air or in a compartment that is safe and free from contaminants.

It is a pretty useful soldering accessory, and it is relatively cheap.

8. Solders

These are easily-melted alloys, commonly made of tin and lead. They are used to mend, coat, or join electronic chip, wires, and small metallic objects together.

9. Desoldering pump

This another soldering tool that is useful for  getting rid of excess solder and  desoldering components of a circuit board.

soldering tools and accessories

10. Desoldering wick

It can also be used for removing excess solder. However, it is not as effective as desoldering pump.

11. PCB holder

This is a nice soldering accessory that firmly holds your PCB while you are soldering or desoldering.

12. Wire cutters and strippers

These are tools that help you cut and strip wires easily and effectively.

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