Magnifying Lamp

Magnifying Lamp

Electronics magnifying lamp is a tool for soldering station. It is mainly used to enlarge small electronic parts, so that the welder can see the structure clearly and carry out the welding lamp work smoothly.

Features of electronics magnifying lamp

1.High brightness LED as light source, energy-saving, long life;
2.No flicker, soft light, could adjust

Gordak is a professional magnifying lamp manufacturer in china, we will provide you different choices of lighted magnifiers and help you see tiny details, parts, and pieces without difficulty, increasing your ability to see.

  • GORDAK 208L Magnifying Lamp

    *采用高亮度LED作为光源, 节能环保, 使用寿命长。 *电压110V和220V可选,不可调光。

  • GORDAK 308 Magnifying Lamp

    *采用高亮度LED作为光源, 节能环保, 使用寿命长。 *无极式亮度调节, 恒流驱动,无频闪,无眩光,可调光。