A Simple Guide On The Use Of SMD Rework Station

Surface Mount Device (SMD) rework station is also known and referred to as hot air blower. They are used for soldering and de-soldering of integrated circuit (IC) parts or chips and Ball Grid Array (BGA). It is also used to repair mobile phones and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

SMD rework station has two knobs for control, and one of them is needed to regulate the flow and movement of hot/heated air and the second is needed to regulate the temperature.

Also, the hot air which flows through the nozzle is fixed to the handle. And the hot air is needed to dissolve the solder paste which is below the IC.

Additionally, it is needed as a BGA rework station with other equipment like PCB pouch and preheater which is used to serve heat from the bottom of the board.

However, for your de-soldering and soldering of IC component and mobile phone repair, purchasing SMD rework station from an experienced and reliable manufacturer is the best way to go.

Soldering And Rework Station

Types of SMD rework station in the market

There are many SMD rework station in the market, and the quality of some are superb but costly while some are cheap.

However, individual preference still remains the ultimate determinant of what type of SMD rework station to buy.

The following are some of the best types of SMD rework station in the market

1. GORDAK 952C Soldering and rework station.

2. GORDAK 857

3. GORDAK Import Soldering Iron 936B

4. GORDAK 938B Digital Soldering Station

5. GORDAK 909D Soldering and rework station

Guide on the Use of SMD rework station

The first thing is to plug in the power cord and turn it on, and then you turn on the power switch of the station.

There is also a need to regulate the air pressure and temperature this is to ensure balancing of both which allows appropriate de-soldering and soldering.

When the heat is much and the airflow is small, it will bring out excess heat which can destroy mobile phone PCB. In the same vein when the heat is small and the airflow much it will cause dissatisfying de-soldering and soldering.

Also, some of the stations have automatic power cut, especially when you place the handle on the holder power off.

More so, when you are doing some repairs, you need to off the station, and this will allow the station to naturally blow cool air and this will help the heater inside the handle to cool and no damage will occur.

Besides, it is needful for you to preheat the PCB during soldering or de-soldering. You can do this by supplying heat through some height and the handle of the station will be brought down steadily.

However, when unexpected heat is supplied to the PCB component or part this can cause the PCB and other components to get damage as a result of thermal chock.

Are you in need of a superior SMD rework station?

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