Comparing Between Desoldering, Soldering And Rework Station

When working on a circuit board you have to either choose a desoldering option or a soldering rework station. Although both are similar functions, they both have an advantage and disadvantages while you should choose one over another. Below is the comparison between them, so find out which is best used for your circuit board using the guides listed below

What is soldering and rework station and what are they used for, you may ask?

A soldering rework station is used when working on a printed circuit board, mostly when you want to repair a circuit board you will need to remove the former solder while repairing and fix the portion with a new one.

These stations send hot air to warm the circuit board for easy removal and resoldering, it doesn’t require multiple devices before it can function. They also come in different sizes which are made suitable for different printed circuit boards, some of the new models have additional features such as a camera, nitrogen capable components, and cabinets boards.

Some other uses of soldering rework station include securing loose connections on the board, repairing damaged components, it’s also useful in the reworking of surface-mounted components.

How to use of soldering rework station

To make use of this station, you firstly turn on the hot air work station and choose the correct nozzle size for the job. Then, you will regulate the temperature and airflow rate to melts the type of solder on the board, you properly move the end of the gun on the board to ensure no damage is caused. Always use vacuum components to remove the melted part from the circuit board.

Soldering and rework station is the best option when it comes to full-featured repairs and reworking on external circuit components.

What are resoldering and their uses?

Desoldering stations are more portable than soldering rework stations; these stations will effectively resolder components that are needed to be repaired due to their compactness. Most of this station comprises an in-built vacuum that removes melted solder as you work which makes the board circuit clean.

 soldering rework station

How to use desolder

To use a desolder, you will first turn on the device then you will set the temperature to the required degree needed to melt the solder on the circuit board. While repairing ensure you place the solder at the end of the desoldering gun to ensure a heat bridge is create to melts the solder you want to remove. Lastly activate the vacuum suction to remove the melted solder on the component.

The characteristics feature of desoldering is due to its compactness, it could be carried anywhere to remove or rework a component compare to the soldering rework stations.

The major differences between these two stations are listed below;

· Soldering reworks stations are large and have different features in the model such as a camera which makes it easier to see smaller parts in the circuit while the desolder doesn’t contain any special feature and is relatively small.

· The desolder is cost-effective which can be used for small businesses such as repair shops due to its portability and can be carried to any location for repairs.

· Soldering reworks station can be used to remove solder from an individual part while desoldering will be used to remove solder multiple parts.

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