How to Use a Soldering Rework Station

There are many soldering projects where a soldering rework station can perform tasks that a soldering iron cannot. Soldering rework stations use hot air instead of a soldering iron to heat up a board or component.

We will cover when and how to use a soldering rework station in this article. If you do not have the proper grip on the instrument, your connections are more likely to come undone or cause an electrical short circuit.

For beginners looking for guidance, this article will show you how to properly hold and use a soldering iron.

Electronic components have numerous working parts, the majority of which are composed of metal. After the component has been removed from its casing, metal components must be removed and maneuvered to work on specific areas.

Soldering rework stations also serve as de-soldering stations, and their soldering function enables operators to quickly repair metal with metal solder. The station’s hot air is also useful for melting solder and making it liquid for brief periods of time.

soldering rework station

How Does a solder Rework Station Work?

To avoid injury, hold the hot air tool in such a manner that it does not fall. Follow this tutorial to learn how to hold your hot air tool:

  • Hold the hot air instrument in your hand like a pen. Take care not to touch the hot portion.
  • Hold the hot air tool above the area or component you’re soldering to solder it. To begin, use a circular motion to warm up the region around the target part. Continue doing so until you notice the solder melting.
  • Apply a small amount of solder to the ends of each wire and make sure it flows easily over the track. Ascertain that the solder is not just on one spot of the volcano.
  • When you are done, you must remove the solder and hot air. This allows the board to settle before moving it.
  • Examine the joint closely for the presence of a volcano shape. Put more solder on it if you can see it. Then, before applying more solder to the track and lead, ensure that they are warm.
  • To safeguard your work table from burns and solder, you should purchase a silicon soldering mat.

Follow These Safety Precautions When Using Your Soldering Rework Station

When using hot air, it is critical to follow these safety precautions to prevent injury.

l Please do not touch the tip of your hot air gun until all of the heat has been discharged. This could result in severe burns, which are best prevented by allowing it to cool before touching or moving it!

l Using a soldering rework Station never apply too much pressure to any surface with the hot implement. This can cause you to burn and damage delicate materials such as circuit boards.

l When working above your head with this device, you can be confident that someone else will cut off the power source if necessary (and always use it).

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