Soldering Iron Vs Soldering Station

Most times, People when faced with soldering have difficulty in choosing the right tool to get the job done, soldering is a process that allows for two components to be joined together with a metal known as solder. It should not be confused with welding.

Due to its conductivity, it is vastly used in the repair and production of electronic appliances. Soldering allows for components to be joined together without exposing the components to high temperatures.

When in the dilemma of choosing the right tool to get the job done, knowing your onions well would help you get the job done. Now let me walk you the ropes of soldering iron and soldering stations.


Soldering iron are lightweight tools used to join two electrical parts together. It has a metal, wand-like, tip which is heated and is used to join components with solder.

 Due to its lightweight, they are easier to use when working on light electronics, also in cases where less heat is needed, a soldering iron is your best choice.  However, there are some critical downsides of using a soldering iron;

– Low power:  It is best suited for lower power jobs

– Time is taken to heat up: it takes more time to heat up especially during cold weather.

– Low voltage

Soldering station manufacturers had these flaws in mind when inventing the soldering station.


A soldering station is a type of soldering tool with a separate station for temperature control, popularly used for large repairs of circuit boards and a must-have for reputable service centers and electronic assemblers.

One should know that these stations come in either digital or analog settings.

soldering station

The following advantages are the reasons why soldering stations have over a soldering iron.

– Flexibility: they have the advantage of ease of use over soldering irons due to certain upgrades made by soldering station manufacturers.

– Safety holster: a soldering station comes with a holster to place soldering iron when not in use. By doing so, it avoids accidental damage t your components.

– Quick heating: soldering stations heat up faster than a soldering iron.

– Accurate temperature: this is due to the fact that soldering stations have a larger power supply.

Not sure if what to look out for when choosing a good soldering station?  Are you looking for reputable and trusted soldering station manufacturers or one with accurate temperature control.

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