What to Consider to Buy a New Magnifying Lamp

Do you work with small items, tiny parts, and hard-to-see pieces? Whether you’re a hobbyist, a jeweler, or even performing industrial inspections, there are plenty of ways you can benefit from a magnifying lamp. Gordak will provide you different choices of lighted magnifiers and help you see tiny details, parts, and pieces without difficulty, increasing your ability to see.

Magnifying Lamp

1. Lens

Probably the most important thing when buying a magnifying lamp. What kind of lenses do you need for the task you’re performing? 3 diopter? 5 diopter? Be picky! After all, you want to spare your eyesight and feel comfortable, whatever you are using the lamp for.

Remember that a dust cover will help you maintain your lenses clean and make sure that you don’t scratch them by mistake.

2. Body Of The Lamp

Ergonomy is extremely important, especially if you take care of a complicated task that requires precision and attention.

Choose a lamp that is comfortable, easy to move, turn, and that will fulfill your need while working.

Style is important, but it is not everything. Remember that you will be using that lamp a lot. Therefore you need to make sure it is as comfortable as possible.

3. Head Of The Lamp

Easy to move, easy to access, and easy to position.

Find a lamp that satisfies these three requirements, and you will have everything you need from a functionality point of view.

4. Functionality

Speaking of functionality, make sure to choose something easily detachable, easy to transport, and easy to put together. That will help you use the lamp, put it together, and dismantle it in case you need to.

5. Check Prices And Reviews

Do a thorough analysis of every product –some magnifying lamps have the same diopter and attributes than others. Still, the price can vary. So check reviews, do some research, and make sure you’ll get the best from your purchased product.

Quick Tips:

When using a magnifying lamp, you want to use both eyes. It is way more comfortable.

Always think about comfort and ergonomy. A good chair at the right height and a good table will be the perfect combination for your tasks.

Spend a little more and invest in your health and peace of mind. If you buy something cheaper that will break easily or not work correctly, you will regret it soon.

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