Why You Should Change Your Old Magnifying Lamp to an Electronic Magnifying Lamp

Changing your magnifying light isn’t something you often consider, but it can be impairing your job. Stop squandering time and money trying to get by with a light that isn’t performing as it should.

Invest in a new electronic magnifying lamp to improve your workspace and assist you in your task.

Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Old Electronic Magnifying Lamp

Here are some reasons why you should make the change immediately to an electronic magnifying lamp:

1. Larger Lens Size & More Energy Management Bulb.

You might have noticed how big and thick the light tube is on your old magnifying lamp, which most likely uses conventional fluorescent illumination. When you discover that, it’s time to replace your lamp.

A new one that employs SMD LEDs, which occupy less space, is available for purchase. By design, the more effective LED lights enable you to work with a bigger lens and viewing area.

Additionally, SMD LED magnifying lights last twice as long as conventional LEDs or fluorescent lights!

2. Electrical Security.

Additionally, you should think about upgrading your lamp for safety purposes. One of the main causes is that the wiring inside the lamp base could eventually degrade. A lamp with a frayed wire should never be used since it can result in electrical fires.

The ESD Magnifying Lamp is ESD safe and anti-static if you are working with delicate electronics, such as PCB soldering or repair. 

electronic magnifying lamp

3. There are four different light brightness settings.

It might be challenging to adjust fluorescent magnifying lamps to diverse illumination requirements because they often only have one brightness level.

A covert button is present on the new SMD LED bulb to change the brightness settings. With the four light settings, you can always work in a comfortable brightness, day or night.

4. Inventive LED Lighting.

It’s difficult to work with a fluorescent lamp that’s blazing hot. A cool SMD LED lamp helps your customer relax while receiving a facial and makes it more enjoyable for you to work with them.

Instead of seeing through a yellow or rose-colored light, brilliant LED daylight is more relaxing for your eyes.

5. Customer Comfort

Working with clients teaches you that the client will always see things differently than you do. For instance, you might be applying facials or eyelash extensions while peering through the magnifying glass without understanding how filthy it appears on the other side.

The customer is peering up at the bottom of the magnifying light, where filth, grime, and heat discolouration have accumulated, while standing on the other end of the table.

They can see the soiled, outdated magnifying glass you are using to examine their face. Not very appealing, does it?

6. Bonus Clamp with Rolling Floor Stand!

A table clamp is an add-on that is included with every magnifying lamp that has a moving floor stand. Using it on a stand or a clamp is an effortless switchable option.

Purchase your High-Quality Electronic Magnifying Lamp From Us Today!

Having the Best of the Best for your clients is crucial, which is why getting a new magnifying lamp is crucial.

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