GORDAK 215 Handle

ESD Design,with intelligent thermostatic control design of closed PID algorithm for microcomputer sensor,electromagnetic eddy heating.


Product Description


1.Anti-static design, closed PID algorithm intelligent constant temperature control design of micro-computer sensor, 150W full-bridge high-power drive electromagnetic eddy current heating, heating fast.

2.Soldering handle has a dormancy sensing device, when not use, will automatically enter the state of energy saving dormancy, long-term no use, will automatically shut down the machine.

3.The machine has a faulty self-testing function and it gives the corresponding fault code, which leads to quick maintenance and repair.

4.The machine has a temperature software calibration function, and the calibration is simple.

5.light handle, suit for long time use.

6.soldering station temperature setting has multiple modes for selection, which can be conveniently selected according to the functional requirements.

7.The temperature setting button is provided with a password function to prevent others from changing the temperature setting arbitrarily

8.Compact body shell design, beautiful and small work table

Product Parameter

ModelGORDAK 215
Output voltage36
Temp.RangeSee each face board
Heater:Electromagnetic heating
Ground Resistance<200mΩ



215 stand

215 stand







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