What To Know About Pre-Heater Station

A pre-heater station is one of the most important tools that every electrical technician must use in his office. It is a vital tool that speeds up the repair of circuit boards. Without a pre-heater station, repairs of the board would be very difficult and time-consuming.

Interestingly, it is used for soldering as well as de-soldering of almost all types of boards. When a lead is placed on it, it melts and changes to a fluid that aids the attachment of components on the board.

Investing in a quality pre-heater station from a reliable and reputable manufacturer is highly recommendable. This is because you will be sure of the quality of tools and technical supports in the case of malfunctioning.

Read on as we take you through some key features of a modern pre-heater station. It is will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing one for your electronic/electrical work.

quality pre-heater station

1. Induction Switch

The induction switch is designed to regulate the temperature of the pre-heater station. When you hold the hand, the temperature starts to increase for soldering. When you put the handle down, it stops working.

The design enables the pre-heater station to regulate the amount of energy. When the tool is not working, switches off to save more energy. Moreover, it also regulates overheating of the nozzle.

2. Versatile In Usage

A pre-heater station is a key tool that is multipurpose. It is used to work on different circuit boards. Some of them are computer boards, chips, PLCC, SOIC, and common electrical boards.

Furthermore, it can be used to remove lacquer, viscidity, and heating shrink. Sometimes, it is also used to solder glue on boards as well as drying or icing-out.

3. Easy To Use

The tool is designed for every technician. This is why it is easy to use. You need little technical skill to know how to handle it. The manufacturer’s manual gives simple steps on how to use it effectively.

When the steps are followed, you are sure of excellent work on the board without any damage. It is important to state here that setting of temperature is very essential. Different boards require different temperatures. Ensure to use the right temperature for the board you are working on.

4. LED Indicator

There is an LED indicator that indicates the power setting of the tool. When the pre-station station is plugged into the power supply, the LED indicator emits light. Other LED indicators also emit lights appropriately to indicate when the tool is ready for soldiering.

5. Wind Volume Proof

One interesting thing about this tool is that wind volume does not affect the temperature. It is a feature that makes it easy to use both indoor and outdoor. The temperature is accurate and rises very fast.

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It is essential to use an effective tool for a perfect electrical job. A pre-heater station is a vital tool that you should purchase for your work. As a reputable manufacturer, we produce quality tools that make work easy.

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