What To Look For When Buying a Magnifying Lamp

In selecting a magnifying lamp that’s suits your work perfectly. It is essential you follow these steps

Firstly, identify what equipment will be used on the project, next determine the size and character of the topic, and finally assess the object’s surface character to find the best magnifier for the job.

Afterwards, think about the following features of magnifiers:

Number Of Components:

Low-power applications require only a single lens. For improved resolution and modification of chromatic and other eccentricities, magnifiers of greater power require two or more lens elements.

Distance of work:

The working distance is described as the span between the magnifier and the object being viewed.

The category of work that must be done beneath the magnifier is influenced by this distance.

If your job necessitates the use of tools, a magnifier with a long working distance will provide adequate room to operate the tools while also viewing the object comfortably.

Close-up inspection work requires magnifiers with a small working distance and higher powers.

Field Of View:

The field of view refers to the region seen through the magnifier. Lens diameter and field of view decrease as power increases.

The field of view at 5 power (5X) is around 1.5 “. It is roughly 0.5 at 10 power (10X) “. Generally, low power is best for scanning bigger surfaces while high power is best for scanning small regions.

Eye Support:

The utmost distance between the magnifier and the eye that allows for a complete field of view. Lengthier eye supports provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

Field Depth:

The space between the nearest and furthermost places at which a magnifier in each position remains in focus. As power increases, the depth of field shrinks.

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The human eye is thought to be able to focus at a distance of 10″ for comfortable viewing. An object that is only 1″ away from your eye is ten times larger, but it is out of focus.

The purpose of a magnifying lamp is to help your eye concentrate closer. Because a 1″ focal length lens offers clear vision down to 1″ from the eye.

 Furthermore, an item at this distance is clearly visible and appears to be 10 times closer than when viewed from a distance of 10″. A magnifier of this type is frequently referred to as a 10X or 10 power magnifiers.

The magnifying power of a lens can be approximated using this definition: If the focal length is stated in inches, MP = 10/FL. If the focal length is given in millimeters, the formula is MP=250/FL.

Working distance, eye relief distance, and the characteristics of the observer’s eye all influence the actual magnifying power.


An ideal magnifying lamp would be light, have a large diameter, with a vast viewing area and high, distortion-free magnification.

However, it is optically impossible to combine all these qualities into a single unit. The focal length of a lens determines its magnification capability.

The focal length is determined by the curvature of the lens, the larger the curvature, the shorter the length of focus and the higher the power.

The width of the lens will typically decrease as the radius of curvature increases to provide better power in the construction of a simple, affordable magnifier.

In contrast, as the curvature is reduced to reduce the power, the diameter grows, resulting in a larger viewing area.

In addition, when the radius of curvature grows, so does the amount of distortion. As a result, a magnifier with a big diameter usually has a larger viewing area while using less power.

 As a result, without elaborate, heavy, high-cost lenses, both a wide field of view and a high magnifying power cannot be combined in a single design.

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